And here is the Legion again

Now a day as you well know i can even put my name in the YouTube thing
and get a video, so yes, i was searching for my unit and found it,
i think i put this video up before, and this is exactly the place where
we trained, good news is that when you reach almost 60 degrees celsius
in other countries, well this place i was in (Almeria) it reaches quite
a lot of degrees, easy 45, so since you are not wearing flip-flops and
and a shirt, you do carry quite the weight on you for the days, it does
or is a good training place, apart from the weight other things.
So here goes my freaking unit,aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😉 We had to be a bit crazy
to take on that type of job.



      1. 🙂 yeah. You’re right. But remember this is coming from a guy who has to struggle a lot even for going to the gym 😛

        PS – I bungled migration of my old domain to new blog domain. The old one is ruined too. So please re-follow my blog by clicking on the pic. thanks. 🙂

    1. don´t put job in quotations, it was a real job, quite different from the others i had in civilian life but it was a job, the first thing my pastor told us (yes we did have a pastor) was that this was dangerous and that this was not about King and country and those shitty (for me) idealistic things, this was a job and that was it, so yes, it was a job

      1. Oh dear Charly… yEs! Please accept my apologies for any misunderstanding ❤ The quotations were my failed attempt to elevate your patriotic efforts much, mUch higher than any job—as you say. It is understandable why you call it a job. Yet in truth, it is sO much more!!! I am so very grateful, knowing guys like you are willing to put your lives on the line to serve your country and make the world a safer place! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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