You people!!

Foto 352

You people have been chosen!
To admit my chose
To not be frozen
I´ m just a narcissist that put pictures
Without no structures
so, i will tell you this, specially to girls,
you say guys are bad and do harass,
well that it is the quite grand of the mass,
but i can also tell you that i still have one
crazy ass bitch selling her one day in a ditch
and she wont leave me alone, and i´m not Stone
so talking with the people i leave with, they said
you idiot beeeeez! Just don´t get the phone when she calls
i said you are small thinking minds (actually me), but when
will appear out of nowhere calling like a crazy to the house
and believe me i´m actually scared, you hear, if it was a guy….
well the guy or at least a reasonable guy does know not to get
it on with me, but this crazy ass bitch is that, crazy, tried
to steal my computer 2 days ago, nope, not having that, but you
can believe that a such, the police as the laws are in Spain,
you (the man) are the one always causing pain, so best thing to do,
is what i do, the people living with me in this house saw and heard
every kind of bullshit of her head, and told me just call police, again,
if it was a dude, no problem just another fight, but with a girl i
go directly to jail, and these kind of bitches know it,and do take
advantage of it.
I´m out then, no second chances or even third chances, out the waste back
she goes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I can tell she you she is a nutcase, she will puch you easily ( happened to me) bit you in the face, and took a knife out at mme, that was the only time I put a hand on her when i saw her comming at me with a knife, (if if was a dude I probably end him) but with a girl and the laws here, i called the pólice after I had a cut in my face and they just said, “well she is trying to help you, let her help you” mind you that I was telling the pólice that that cut in my face was because of her, well they don´t give a shit, imagine in this country, Spain, if I did that to a girl, i go directly to jail, if it was a guy is just another fight that they brake it up and that is it, no problem (might get a bloody nose or whatever) but if it´s a woman, i´m fucked going to jail, and I don´t even consider this girl a girl, I have been with other girls, they might scream at me and the rest, but pulling knifefs and actually hitting you with a close fist, and by the way I´m just standing there with my hands behind my back and trying to reason with this nutcase wich trust me to reason with a real sociopath, narcissist, basically ass bitch, does test you, my Friends tell me apart that From being dum, they should give me a statue for patience. But I know how the laws workd out here, she actually almost broke my nose once and I was bleading like a fuckhead, what did I do, apart that it is my fault since I was with here for the money since I was on the streets, I just took it, like a bitch I just took it, so no wonder at that point in my life I had to take my rage out in other ways, wich was with some idiot that said something, and I´m talking too much, but point being, you really thing you can take on this crazy ass one? cause as you have read she will not think twice in pulling a knife on you, and trust me when I have seen that face, it´s something I have only seen in the military, the crazy ass hatred towards another human, can I deal with it? Yes I can, does it make sense or makes my life better? Absolutely not. I´m past over that, I have a good life now, I worked for this life, so fuck this crazy ass one, and first you have kids, second you might not be perfect ( but if you are give me a heads up), and third I do not want to be related with this kind of person.

    2. I should add, that I would never have a good person like you meet this crazy girl, I actually had a friend that wanted to meet with her to talk, and for me I was thinking “talk?” she´s going to beat you ass then I´m going to have to be involved and then I´m fucked, so now, you are my all american White picked fence

      1. okay, charly. she sounds like she might be a bit more than i can handle. but you know us americans, especially texans and our views on gun control…i’ll just 🔫.

      2. haha, that was a good response, I do actualy know Texans, a good friend is from there, so yes, better not into a property that is not yours even if you are trying to get back you ball, the guy did pull out a shotgun and me saying I was just getting the ball that was in his hardean, which seems he could care less, so yes, that is why i like the picket fence, i don´t have to do anything extreme like here, i lett you pull the gun and out they go, by the way are you a good shot? I was almost 5 years in the Legion, so yes, I can take you, 300 meters easy, lets see what you can hit, and I should add I do know how to shoot the M-16 or last one was the M -14 piece of shit both, I like my HK36, but I can take you on those both

      1. Just fooling around, I m bored, I did write this morning, they made me do house chores…. not cool, actually we had fun, but now I´m bored so one of the problems is that I say too many idiotic things, as a matter of fact that happens regularly….fuck it is a problem!!

      2. Not really, not doing to bad, i have roof over my head, food (Little) cigarettes (very important)and the freaking computer so I can type strange things, so no, i am not dong too bad, it has been worse so God bless what I have right now

      1. Not that much, so would you leave your husband and also children ( the kids can come once in while) and come with me to a bar that I have in Hawaii?

  1. Along those lines. But. Not Hawaii. And. Also opposite to that too. Sometimes I’m a sinner. Sometimes I’m a saint. I’m older than you. I have a whole lifetime of doing strange things.

      1. Lol, nice try Charly, but, no. My skeletons are comfortable just the way they are! And I don’t write under a pseudonym, so I’m not saying anything more.

      2. carlos sarasqueta, that is my name, you think i got something to hide? now i will say that i´m a male funny guy, any other skeletons? quite a bit from my side, you want to know them, I just put in public my real name, wich i was actually trying to put in the wordpress blog, but i´´m a fucked when it comes to this computer things, i just know how to write crazy things, although it seems people like it…. guess it´s human nature to see the faults, idiotic, and more of other humans, so remember that name cause on day i will win the nobel prize for either peace or hunger, maybe the latter
        by the way a skeleton in my closet…. i killed two chikens

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