Courage is in some
Their name are quite a lot
And non of them are in the good morning news slot
civilians have no idea what that word means,
i saw the consequences of that,
guys actually putting
their body
in front of his buddy
so the bullets won´t hit
his organs
so the other buddy could call their mother
in a wild crazy sucker.

Stay Frosty gents and gentessess.



  1. That’s stark. I suppose it always will be, when someone’s writing confronts you with an experience beyond your powers of imagination. I don’t know where courage comes from – whether it’s impulse, or something you’re born with; but I know it is selective. There are times when it comes to your aid without your thinking, and times when it fails you. I guess I’ve experienced both, but nothing like the courage you describe.

    1. If you are put in extreme situations you etither do it or not, that simple. Plus in this case I was talking about guys that have trained and trained day in day out, you really never know how you´re going to react though when you are put in the real world situation, we did have numerous times when guys just did not perform, they froze, you can´t have those types around you in that environment, they will get themselves killed or get you killed,, not to say they are bad men, just not everybody can do that job and is understandable.

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