The mojo is back

I just came from Adams tree
I write as I kiss, my own blizz
I should belong in a shrine
My time to step up and be that helpful crane

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
P.S. Read ya later elevator!



      1. how are you doing my brother from another mother – should we put your manuscript on Amazon and get those poems out there??? let’s roll CP1

      2. Doing good Yvette, I´m up early and yes mam, we should put those poems out, as my mother from this country says, you can write all you want and make you all the happy you want but….. put the freaking writing out! She actually used a worst word than freaking.
        Got to get know to the email and start erasing things and organising others, I´ll eamil you this weekend and ask you how in the world do I put an e-book on amazon and how much it costs

      3. ok – sounds good – and I think it is free – could be wrong – but let’s check into it – my hubs said to forget about lu-lu (I guess that is so 2010- and even then just average – ha!)
        so let’s check in soon – xox

      4. Oh I did not do much at all – really – you are and were closer than you think….
        love ya and hope you are doing well – and sending a pray for strength your way – ❤

      5. keep me in yours too – please – things are good, but down with a 24 hour bug this week and whew, kicked my butt. Just now feeling a little better – argh

  1. This has a nice rhythm, and flows well. I see from the comments above that you may be planning an e-book. Congratulations! May I give one word of caution. Make sure you have your copyrights. This is your intellectual property, don’t allow someone else to put their name on it!

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