Confessions of a… freak!

I still need to control my temper,
if someone threatens me or my family
(like the other day)i can easily stab you
not thinking about consequences until it is to late,me
sitting in a jail without bail.
I´m a horny fucker, although with a nice mother
but I get with women, or this last woman that are
a mean machine. Lets see…more flaws,I have a
tendency with quite frequency to watch a movie
or documentary that I like over and over again
without pain, since I´ll be sitting in front of
the computer for hours and hours seeing the same
thing over and over again, without pain, time fly´s
by and I said goodby to the writing and reading.
I´m terrible at administrating money, I eat it as
it was honey and mid month I end up with my
brain full of sloth.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Vonita,come on, this is intertent and down grows graviy, i could say i talk her out of that one, but really,i don t have to fake it, i told her what happend and that is it.

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