Happy mothers day…one day late?

Hey mom
I´m dropping you a bomb
I´m gonna be perfect
And I didn´t join a sect
So…..forgot, we actually don´t celebrate
that thing which for us is not innate,
not conventional, in that traditional
i know you love me, you know i love you
so since all the posts from yesterday
and today had some mother thing, i thought
we could go out have a beer, mother and son
and do a “bling bling” after we sing… “my little hurricane”
since the kid is just a bit insane, but..why in
the world is a mothers day? what about a son day?
every Sunday?!!!…. love ya, yet again who wants to
know that apart from me and you, but i figured to write
inside my iglue and spill some wroten shoe.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi my priest! Missed me? 🙂 I had a grand vacation time in Vienna and am back to keep teaching for a few more weeks. 🙂

    1. I was in a boat in Vienna, it was a luxury boat I should add to my …. really? Keep teaching for more, and if I do remember wich is strange, you do have 2 kids, so I was thinking, or not thinking, holly wakkamolly me i and me so…. have a great day and week andMM life, not to say a good by, just typing out as drunk as a skunk, probably don´t people want to listen or writing about this shiiiiiiiiiat, have fun, love ya

    2. Miss. Skittles, I just read my comment to you and right now I don´t even know what I said, not cool to write if you are not sober, anyways, glad about your vacation and do not give those kids too much headeache (spelled that wrong, the computer is configured in Spanish).
      Que te valla muy bien, te quiero guapa 😉

      1. Yummy….. hold on I´m fighting the great white sharks while swimming to your part of the world, you are gonna have spanking!!! And eventually you will ask for more…. arrrrrrrrrr (that was me growling)

    1. She always have a happy mothers day every day, imagine having me as son, not knowing in months what I do or where I am….. she´s my hero, she still talks to me and in her way takes care of me, after a loooooong, time we didn´t talk abut yes mam, she will have a great mothers day every day

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