My Little hurricane


My little hurricane
you are insane
My little girl
you make my head swirl
My…. wow mi ni mo!!!
My…. you are a piece of work
Probably like me since you do have that smirk

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Hey there Trent, long time no read you, gotta pass through your blog now.
      That is a bulldog, and yes, she´s quite something, she actually with almost 3 months is chewing on the wall, she eats everything, even my feat I should add, quite the hurricane this one

      1. how in the world do you know how to put so many different emoticons?…. hopefully i don´t get a response with that freaky yellow face with glasses, creeps me out and can´t sleep after that

      1. You laugh, wait till she starts bitting your feet, and legs and includding the freaking wall ! This “girl” is gonna turn out to be the real animal caníbal.

    1. Yes she could be cuter, she could stop bitting my feet, and my socks, and now that we are it she could stop bitting the wall, is that normal? That a dog literally bites walls?…..

      1. When my Boston was a pup, he chewed up every pair of shoes I owned. Biting the wall…hmmm. lol!

      2. dying here! Omg, he is so cute! Of course if it were my wall, I probably would not be rofl.

    1. cute in the outside and a devil inside, but she´s fun to play with, drives you nuts sometimes as all puppies, except this one is quite something more than the average

  1. Charly! She’s adorable! You two are a pair 🙂 It’s amazing how dogs love you unconditionally. It’s a feeling of no judgements and always being loved. I’m imagining you holding her! So cute!! ❤️

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