The spanish three


you have to hold on
saw that kid? He was already on the loose
i just sit there and watch you on a tree….freaky!
Since is the Spanish one two and me is the one who holds on to the three,
i am that kid that was born to speed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You know what? If I go to your blog and try to read something there is this thing that pops out and tell me to read something and untill I don´t give the email adress I can´t enter the blog, so I got fed up with that thing, and thank you for the compliment on my crazy poetry

      1. wich ” poem” are you talking about?
        You are going to make me write something actually beautiful, i can do that by the way, ………I´ll just wait ,not really, take the iniciative and here it comes, if you are online look it up in 15 minutes

      2. I know I rock, like a broken clock, by the way the comment before was like the broken clock, you can only acces it you are “sign in”, that would be me obviously, so actually you can´t get into my beautiful innercircle of wordpress, and also… how in the world did I put a link that went to the things I write in private if you want to call it, go figure, I know you don´t like to hear it but I was probably high

      3. oh no – don’t worry – but it was just a little tasteless and yuck – and I think I have noted before – but a gift you have is to be able to write about sex and the human drive – and to write about it with some taste – ya know… but I know not everyone has their own view of this topic and if and how it should be written about – but I guess I see in Christian circles that too many people – esp. men – are all hush hush about the topic of sex and then they have addictions and stuff to work thru – and so sometimes we all just need to converse more.

        anyhow, if you did fix it – I say GOOD for you Sir Spaniard – good for you …. xxooo

      4. I´m a Christian, not a perfect one, and my guess is that all those men that go to church on a regular basis are probably not also perfect, and as a matter of fact they might even put that church going guy facade, and be quite worst than perfect, talking about sex, I don´t know, this is my writting and my art (at least I try to believe is art), so as an imperfect human but much better than most people that I know, I´m a stupid teddy bear really, now about the sex…. well it is my writting and my art so I will go on the limb like that on ocassions, hey, what´s with my YouTube video? Can you send me the link, might as well show it to my sister, she´ll have a laugh at that one

      5. well regarding this part “might even put that church going guy facade, and be quite worst than perfect” – um, yes I agree – oh boy do I!

        and I will have to re upload the you tube video – I had to make some changes but think it is all settled now…

        oh and YES – it is ART!

        and I think Victor Hugo would say that writing and working with words is the most esteemed art in the world – so you keep going CP1.

      6. Oh France has been on my mind – how did you know?
        For it is the patio in France I will immediately go!
        To dance – and to eat – ya know?
        Have a good day spaniard
        Take it slow – ha!

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