You fight harder when you are down

Damn, I´m fucked, no money then no honey
so then I also remembered,
you do fight harder when you are down
sleeping with a bitch town
could go into this nutty biiiiatch, but no
i have my left and right shoe
she milked me out of money
which says more about me than this girl
and she did make my head swirl, manipulation
is her nation, fuck you bitch, now time to get
and live, not grieve, just working on getting money
so i can buy cigarettes, food, even if it´s crude
then i can also be nude and… save money for more food.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. it actually is, if i go on a philosophical(spelled that wrong) i can make sense, as a mater of fact i can convince you that you are not staring now at a white Wall but that is black, i can argue anything just for the fun of it

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