Killing a communist video(controversial)

Whoever has read me for some time knows I was in the army,
and here in Spain we do have really extreme left, or communist
kids and not all that kids. I do remember when we where in the
army that they would order you not to go outside the base in uniform,
whay that I though? Well, we the communist, and they
are not very pleasant, we never start trouble with this idiots,
but they would come after us and the fights would ensue.
In this case,it´s 10 minutes the video but really is the first
3 minutes that tell you alot, this guy who stabbed the communist
wich by the way these are the same who are stabbing police, the
communist I should say as of today, so here is a military guy,
over powered by 50 communist at least was the report and he did
knew wich part of town he had to pass by to get to his place,
so no wonder he had a knife on him, this fucking communist idiots
do deserve it, the story is too long to tell but he was surrounded
and you don´t back down when surrunded.

I should add that in my particular case I was punished to go out
of the military base wearing my uniform. You never got out of base
with uniform.

In this case is different, this military guy he is a
right wing Nazi, but I have served with these people (hard to believe
it in the U.S) and for me as long as they did their jobs(infantry) good
then they were good for us, the unit. So I´ll put the video, but I do
have been in fights with this idiots communist kids and they do bring
knifes and worst things, so you do have and must defend yourself,
and in my case I was with more people, since our superiors did tell
us to never go out alone, at least go out in pairs of two, and have the cell
phone on hand if something happened. That is Spain.

So the other guy
the communist who did have a pretty good record of confronting the
pólice, thought he was the man when approaching this military guy,
they saw the t-shirt wich was a fascist one really, but why would
he not defend himself when he is surrounded by 50+ people, so fuck
these so peace communist, he got what he got and he didn´t deserve
to get killed but certainly the other one shouldn´t disserve to get
the punishment he got for being just one person against 50+.


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