This is for you

I don´t have anything planned
so i can´t do a scam
I will tell this:
is my mother from another country
and that means quite something
specially your means and at least understanding something,
i do know you have a good heart,
So this just came out from my crazy brain
just insane,but…hope you still love CP1

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Can I ask you something? Actually I don´t know why I put quotation there since I will just say it ( I don´t have delete button and this computer is configured in Spanish so they should be quite the writing errors), what was I saying? Now I remember, can you make son of me, just a Little tribute, call it “crazy Charly”or ” I like the way you move”…na, that´s screwed up so my last chance for the pitch is
        ” A beautiful mind¨

      2. Hey, I´m doing you a favour , this way you can work on your singing and writing, all thanks because of me, you should be saying “thank you Mr. Charles”

      3. 1-Í have beautiful blue eyes
        2- I have been in the army and deployed
        3-I´m silly
        4- I can argue any type of argument, I did get an A in philosophy class for something
        5- When things are hard, then is when
        I get in my game and get the job done
        6- I´m a silly flirt
        7-I do have a sense of humour, some people like it others not(screw the not)
        8- I´m a good person believe or not, even though I cant count the fights I have been in and that next month I have to go to court
        9- I have been called a hero by a girl in a bar after me and one army friend where talking about things and she overheard it, so she did call me a hero, and I milked that, she ended up paying for 8 beers, so there you go the hero
        10- I love to write

        11- Are you really making a list of different guys to see if you can match up with them? Jesus…..

      4. So I see you are lonely, sorry for that, do you want Company? I´m pretty good at getting my girl Friends , not as a girlfriend but as a girl that is a friend, they do love me, plus they use me when they are in bars and some guy or guys get too flirty with them, then is when the call me, so no wonder I get in fights, because of you women!! I´m the idiot i know that, yet again, i gain things from it, but actually if I think of if, is it worth it? Yes is my answer, since it´s the grilfriends of my Little sister, wich it seems she is not so Little now, but whatever she does, even though i do see they where flirting with the guy and flirting and flirting,, no wonder they guy and guys since it happened several times, obviously if you are taunting the person (men) he will try to flirt also, and they just play him like a fool, and then comes me, the other fool to protect them when the thing gets a bit out of control, but she is mi sister, so that is that, actually now she is the one that helps me out, with money and food, aaaaaaaand cigarettes! But is always me, the lone one sitting in the stool of the bar or night club, drinking and watching out for this one, the Little idiot wich is my sister, yet again it seems i´m also the idiot since i got (this is in the past by the way, now is different) in too many fights for her and her Friends, and they would play these idiots like you…. know. Played me her own blood, but fuck it, she´s my little girl, not that Little now but she is my blood

  1. oh yeah baby – honored to be your mother from another country – living in a “not so” foreign land and with a grateful heart for CP1 – sir spaniard yo!

    1. I´m honored that you would actually take the time and read the “most wonderful poetry book in the world”…. I have no clue why I put that in quotations, 😉 just being silly Willy manilly, looooove ya!

    1. O shiaaaat, didn´t look at this comment before I commented earlier.
      Hey, you are a great woman with a great heart, guessing you are not perfect but certainly a good person, so your husband and kids must be gratefull to have you in their lives

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