True love

Holly shiiiat, been watching these type of videos
for the past hour, bored now so going out, but this
one you really see the love between men, hope I had a brother
where is my sister?….. Only happens in the U.S of A
since in the land of the wild Bulls (Spain) we don´t get
no welcome back type of thing.
So here it is, you might cry, actually I did
cry, making me a pussy.



    1. I do remember you did say “Semper fi”, I also remember I have two friend in the Marines and I do remember trying to enlist there and they telling me, are you nuts or what? You are here in a student visa, so I joined the Spanis Legion, go figure how that what went, cause I´m writing to you from a room that I pay minimun rent, what the fuck? (sorry for the last Word) but you always talk about God, and I love how you express it by they way since I´m new at being again a Christian or at least trying to be a better one, and…… I forgot, so that means I´m high, so not that all good, but I do pray and pray and read the bible and this time you got me writing God knows what I have wroten by now, something about my army experience and that I do have two Friends that where, not are, they actually joined the Marines after September 11, I was there in NY, in the outskirsts, one with a football scholarship, the other one with a baseball one, and then me, who had a scchollarsip of English with creative language….go figure that one out a spaniard trying to pursue that carrer if you can call it that, so life has it´s twist here and ther and ended up joining the spanish legion, by the way you fffffukkkrsss, we do fight, we might not be on t.v like you but we do our job
      f… me, that was a pretty long comment so I´ll just say that it is not my fault, my roomate is drinking and smoking some good weed, so i just got the “wiff” of it, but heeeeey, remember you marine, we are heeeeeeroes!

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