walking out of the gate

If you start out
Just thinking about
Before you walk out of the gate
That whatever you want to do will not be great
Then you might stay in bed
And cry like a little nerd

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I´m up to writing right now, see! I m writting to you, and the sky is a beautiful blue just like you,
        got a court date next month since I see you are interested in asking, and by the way!!! What are you doing, if you don´t tell me I wont talk to you eeeever!

      2. That is nice, I would like to be there with you, but are you the same girl that told me the other day whatever day it was that you are 16? If you are then no flirting then, but you are listening to that and I´m listening to this

      3. You are right on that, maturity doesn´t come with age, I´m 33, had a pretty rought life but I´m still a silly kid jokester, except when things get bad then is when I react, apart from that, well, what can I say, it is just me.
        So you are from India right?

      4. I have been to jail, does that qualify me as a good person? I was also in the army and deployed two times and the last time was a country pretty near to yours, so do I qualify as a great person then?

      5. Hahaha. Yes it does qualify you. Look everyone have done something wrong in their life. That doesn’t mean they are bad. 🙂

      6. You got that right, I´m not a bad person. And peope can see through it, not all but some, and you seem like a nice Young lady, what are you going to study in college?

      7. Why not? If you don´t try you will never know, at least you have to try, like everything in the world, if you don´t even give it a try you already are a failure

      8. That is the attitude, “you will”, if you want to accomplish something, whatever it is even the smallest of things, it´s all about will power, having said that, if you become a famous model in 2 years after you are 18, give me a call will ya

      9. call me….. the Frog man, or just what it puts in the title, “Charly” or “Priest”, actually better if you could call me Mr. Priest.

    1. You´re browsing through my comments…… skeaky peaky you, actually I thought about making a book just by taking the comments, they are probably more interesting than my writing

      1. Cool dude, now I have a stalker, one more I should add.
        You just can´t have enough of me, and in bed…. then you are going to stop worshiping God and worship me

      2. Don´t be like that, when you say “ja ok”…. you really mean it, you got a hot blooded bullfighter here, what you talkin about’ 😉 Love ya

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