Stream of consciousness

Prompt by the great

Using the word brake two times lets see how it goes

i hate to brake when i´m doing something i love to do
i feel that if i don´t finish it i feel empty so i will
not brake since that will make me stop whatever it is, it
truly is harder to take the first step but once i take it
i can´t stop in the middle i have to finish, so i hate the word

I´m actually cooler and used the word three times……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and have a great weekend.



    1. Yep, Tosha. I saw you hit liked in one of my comments to her so I “Checked you out”, good writing I should add you have, so glad you hit the like button on my comment

      1. Hey – wait a minute … I assumed that you were a male Charley, but that’s not necessarily true is it?
        Hmm – yeah – I wanted to feel less intimidated by Tosha’s friends so I ‘hit a few posts up’.
        Thanks for the compliment, Charley. Your writing is good too. Your approach to ideas is a little looser than mine but enjoyable all the same.

      2. You are a blond, and I’ll take your word for it that you have a great body, but judging by your profile picture (which I could not see on my Smartphone last night) you are male. You even use the male form of blond (the female form is blonde).
        And I’m sorry for spelling your name wrong last night, Charly.
        Y’all have a really nice day!
        Regards – Robert (living in York – in England).

      3. Have you seen the sun any time soon? All the times I go to England is cold and rainy and no sun, no wonder I see pale people everywhere, like zombies…. Nice meeting you Rob, take care of my Isolated Girl( I´m jealous…..) and keep on writing on, nice job you do at that

      4. We can share Jyoti if you like – she’s woman enough for all of us – and I mean that in the nicest possible way.
        We get some sun. I got solar panels on the roof raking in money each year so we must get a fair amount!
        Thanks on the writing. Thinking of turning it into a book at some point. Maybe need to reach 1000 followers first – any tips?

      5. I got tips to reaching followers…. I don´t think much of how to get followers although ofcourse is nice that people would read me, but I didn´t start this nutty blog for anybody except me, I do enjoy writing so for me that is more tan enought, I really appreciate the people that support me, but I write for me, sometimes if offends some followers other times they like it, plus if you are who you are people will like you, or not, so just be being me and writing my crazy thing, maybe that is how I got to 1000+ plus followers, believe it or not I rarely look at statistcs

      6. I’m rather more into stats than that. My day job is around numbers and so it’s what I enjoy. Not that I’m obsessed – just interested in what make it all tick along. It’s like a logic puzzle – something that’s satisfying to solve.
        But yes, I am most assuredly me and that’s unlikely to change. 🙂 The trick is therefore to connect with people that like me. No point in being me in the middle of a wilderness, with only the wind singing through the trees, the grass swaying gently, the sky pouring love on me like molten cheese … Oh, actually, that sounds really nice – especially the cheese part. Okay – forget the stats – let’s just kick back and enjoy the ride. 🙂
        Thanks for that, Charly – you’re a diamond. 😉

      7. See, I depart from that, you are actually right in the rational sense when you say that is ” no point in being me in the middle of a wilderness”, that is really life, but I depart since my blog it is called crazy life or Crazy Liiiiiiiife ! 😉 Either they like me or not, don´t give much care, but I do like to scare……waaaaaaaaaaaaa! ( that was not the alcohol speaking)

      8. You’re an interesting guy, Charly and I enjoy chatting with you – alcohol fuelled or not.
        A self imposed departure for the shores of wilderness is not my intention, but it is still sometime my fate. I’m trying to establish links with other people – not only for me, but for them too. We all need a shoulder to lean on at times.
        That’s what I love about this blogging world – it’s so easy to love and be loved. There are fewer barriers here and many like minded people.
        Thanks for chatting with me, Charly – I appreciate you. 🙂

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