The giant!!!!

Foto 374

I won in Istanbul
What I lost in Waterloo
I got my big fat snake
Contrary with popular believe it is not fake
I have a dark room
There is where you´re going to end up on top of the broom
You know?!!!! on top of that giant also called Mr. Teddy Picker
that was a flicker

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, I say Stay Frosty gentesses, I say
…. gentesses,yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! ha.


  1. Not even going to pretend to understand your thought processes here, Mr Priest.
    Maybe this is why I like it so?
    You unravel the spiral of the continuum. Be careful, hombre, be careful,
    There maybe be broken glass on the floor.

    1. Holy shiiiiiat, I just read that thing, yes sir, not only a broke glass on the floor, I thing a couple of tables with a bunch of glasses went on the floor, looook! I´m skipping not to touch them……hopefully

      1. I know, but I did figure who you are no wonder the last name is “game”, still love ya, and my secret is in the keep it 😉 Just kidding around H game

      2. By the way you should be at work in the game industry…. do know who your are in real life, just had to get if off my chest to say it, but won´t say more H the G, actually I should call yu HG, that sounds more cool

    1. Had to smille 🙂
      Why do I write this crazy things, but I have fun, and probably some other people that read it, but cool….. you are the cool one with your music and real poetry-literature, I just read all you guys and learn from you, or try to since my thing is not very deep you might say, but is funny I guess. at least for me, and that is quite important
      ooooooooooooove ya! dang forgot the L, hold on, looooooooooooooooooooove ya, now

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