I ain´t hitting “likes”

I´m not reading you or responding to you, I´m mad,
like my bulldog, anyways until tomorrow,
after then I will be your
creepy stalker friend…… f…ck….

I wrote my thing
It goes freaking blin blin or bling?
hate everything I go song a sing

Touching you up
there’s goes your top
those nipples
they are bigger than a couple nickles
you did your best
in my behest
in that ass hole
it seemed to be a hole, or kinda of a knoll
your ass
got me thinking of Johnny Cash

Read ya all tomorrow, I do actually like reading you people.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. So we are in the same time zone, I might even get there for lunch if I hurry, just checking you where from there since if I have to swim with all those great White sharks around I have to bring an arsenal of spears, and enjoy your lunch

    1. I didn´t had it planned to tell you the truth, jus came out that way, now that I re re re read it, it´s quite a porn type of thing,
      I was actually thinkig of you……respond to that one

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