The man who got caught

Prompt by :

The opening sentence must be, “I am not staying here, honey”

“I am not staying here honey.” She said after she saw a row of cockroaches
in the bathtub.

” Do you know how far is the next motel?”

“I prefer to sleep in the car.” She responded.

He sighed, “Come on Tina, asian people actually eat them, over there is
considered a delicatessen, good protein.”

“Jack, that is not funny.”

Now Jack´s mind was thinking how in the world could he pay a good
hotel for his wife, he had been kicked off out of his work last week and
he still got out of the house at 7 a.m dressed for work trying to keep
appearances. She wanted a vacation and he really couldn´t afford it.

“Tina, I have to tell you something.”

” I know, and don´t look at me with that confused face. You are not working.”

“How how….”

“I called the office, not that hard Jack, I do know you remember? Plus you
did´ t marry a stupid woman, so now would you get back in bed?”

” I thought…”

” I love you idiot, get back in bed.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. ha ha that was a typo…it was supposed to say, Christ Charly this is a masterpiece of creation :)…lol it really was good ♥

  1. At least Jack has a loving and supportive wife. Jobs come and go but a good life partner is a treasure. Nice job.

    Btw, I think you meant “delicacy” not “delicatessen”. But maybe that was intentional.

    1. I´ll check it out the “delicasy”, I did read it in, hey yo in what is going to be? GOOOOOOGLE, and it was a french Word I think, but maybe you are right, anyways that is the least, I do appreciate you reading and the comment

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