Are you mine?

You are the one
I can only understand

You have to be that body
That is the “one” somebody

You live in my heart
A priceless piece of art

You are the one
Iยดm dumb
I know that much
The question is….are you mine?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Classic sir spaniard here – with that classy touch – and did you get my email bro!? Let’s get moving on finishing your project – peace โค๏ธ

      1. Iยดm getting there dudess,try to see the emails today,,again, you are an angel that has fallen on my laptop, you are too kind, so thanks again

      2. Well our paths have crossed by Divine Appointment so we are friends that God put together – and so it is extra special by “brother from another mother living in a foreign land”

      3. Just to mess with you here are more emojis

      4. I like it when you mess with me, if not it would be boring. I donยดt take myself to seriously so I donยดt expect others to do the same, obviously there is a line that I wonยดt let certain people to cross, but normally I donยดt care and if itยดs good people like you, you can mess with me all day long, my mother and sister actually do it all the time,
        looooooooooove ya ! ( did I say that again?)

      5. Hahah – well thanks for the smile today – and that reminds me I need to get your “mon terero” video posted again – I will get to it !

      6. You are my best online friend, that I actually donยดt flirt with, and me the silly, gets a bit more serious when I “talk” with you, wich is not normally the case so you better consider yourself a lucky woman

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