the horros of combat(my version)

Yes sir and mams, I was watching the military videos,
not good for me, but I watch them, the dude
said, “how do you survive the horrors of combat is humour”,
and that rang in my bang bang ear. As a matter of fact
the things we said after seeing, after killing, we did
joke about it, the dead bodies, just us who we are
a nobodies.
Just me, others that gone through that may have
another perspective, I probably was a disrespectfully but they
did put me in charge of 4 others, one person called his mother´s
(he did had two, his mother and the other one that raised him)
so now actually seeing this videos, while in my speedios (that a word?)
so you can imagine what it was like….not really pilly nilly
since if you haven´t been there, see it, smell it and do it,
you can´t relate to our estate, but yes laughing about a dead body
we did it, laughing about when my friend got his leg mangled, yes sir
and mam we laughed it off with a piece of ham, I got shrapnel in my
right forearm, had only 16 stitches, these so called friends where the bitches
they laughed at me,
and laughter
is the best medicine to take out the horror of your chest.
So when I go through rough times in civilian life´s
wich I did had a pretty rough life after the military
but I´m still kid silly, nobody is going to take the kid out of me
so beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Yes, to deal with the combat thing, funny bunny is you, has
to be so you so you don´t fall in the deep hole.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I respect, not really is the word respect, I like your poetry and then I respect you as a writer, hopefully some of your writing skills will stick to me

      1. Thank you, Charley. I think that’s one of the cool things about being here is we can find people’s words we like & filter them through ourselves!

  1. Last night I watched WWll series in color. To see all those young men from each country pulled into this war machine I realized that they were victims, I am certain not one wanted to be sent to slaughter but doing their patriotic duty as defined by the powers that be, many brain washed by dictators. We must stand up for freedom and human rights I know, but even as I watched the German war machine, I realized those young men, no more than boys, were victims just like the rest, victims of greed and power hungry savages.

    1. I don´t look it that way, I was a volunteer, I signed up to do those things, proud I am by the way, specially proud of my guys, and to call us victims, really is an insult, no victims here, the only victims are the ones we killed, fuck them, is that is what it took to take me and my Friends home alive I have no remorse, so no victims in my generation. You do realice is all volunteer forces, so you sign up and you do a job, that´s it, a job, no country and patriotic thing for me, it was a high fuled adrenaline high with people that you would kill and die for them, even if you didn´t really like them, it was my job and me and us

      1. I was struck by the youth fighting WWll. I am a patriot and would die for my country. I would never intentionally insult you or anyone and have only admiration for our military and their families.

    1. So there you go with your followers thanks to me, so I better get some royalties, plus I m me I have nothing to hide and actually this that you are putting on my blog wich I “approved” for me is bullshit, just idiotic,, sorry for that but you are the one who put this comment, take care my friend, and nobody is going to laugh about this topic cause you do not want to see me, in your house pissed off, got that?

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