1. I had to laugh at that one, the kid is now in some kind of strange sc??hool because of.,you! strange mothers, by the way would I make a good father? I thkink I would

      1. They sure are, I probably have quite some babies that I don´t know off when I was in my prime, I´m still are by the way so don´t mistake my younger mistakes for the older mistakes…… actually a girl called me up about a year or so telling me she had got pregnant, my answer was “good for you” and some explicit coments also, but telling me she got pregnant by me…. no siiiiiire

    1. There you go, lately I only see politically correct people,, o no do no get the kid on the road by himself, he can get injured, or worst, fuck that shit, my mother smoked her cigarettes with me while she picked me up in front of the school, that is she smoked while I was in the car, and she probably had smaked a couple of kids while waiting for me…. good old days.. Seriously, now is to much political correctness wich leads to silence. Sincé they become the morality pólice, if you disagree with them then you have to be shut down.
      So yes, get your kid and make him walk or crawl to he the bus, old school type of things did make me a bit smarter

      1. He walked through the door and wanted to know what was more important that fetching him, I was warm inside kiddo, deal with it 😀

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