My love

You have chosen to show me your heart
I will try to do my best part
Just be a little more patient with me
And I will show you beautiful Capri, my love

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I´m a “furry dude”? I thought women like furry…. like in the Stone ages, now every guy is a litte wussy, waxing and grooming, come on! Lets get back to the basis of being men, wich entitles showering once a week

      2. fu n n y.

        those were “n”s and not r s ha!
        but laughing so hard with this comment…

        How do get “fur” from a tiger….

        run fast….

      3. from a tiger? my mind is Racing now but the first idea si to shoot it and then take the hair, plus the teeth so I can implant them on me, I would look sort of a dracula and run around scaring people

      4. no – you asked if they were fish?
        they are dolphins – mammals –
        and I don;t get high amigo….

        just high on life – and from bloggin and from good friends god blessed me with – like u

      1. just winging it – so please keep open “the umbrella of grace”
        and if you take very much longer we will have to start your second book –

      2. I know, I that I could do this in half a second but I´m lazy, plus I get distracted with other things, but I promise this weekend I´ll put up the new email account and send you an email, man, your like a drill seargent

      3. well if I am going to help you upload – we need to have a shared email – we can delete it later – or give it just you – but we might need a shared one…

      4. ok – cool – so I will email you later – and guess what – my momma is coming to town today – I am super excited – I miss her so much – and she is bringing my aunt and niece

      1. Yes – I have two of your pictures for ideas – and I am new at this too – but I will upload it for u – I think we need to have an email address that we share – so email me when u get a chance and we can talk about that – cool?

      2. Yes mam, I´m going to get another email, since the one I have all the wordpress post come in as well as emails so in one day I got 1000+ posts and in between there are some emails but since I get bored after browsing through so many posts I just end up deliting everything including emails, so when I get that done I´ll email you with my new email

      3. ok – and I highly suggest gmail because they are so secure and just win-win – if that makes sense… more when you email me – email me soon – ok

      4. Not sure about gmail, I think I got hacked on my YouTube account with as you know is part of google, but yes I know you are bussy so I´ll email you soon

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