millenium generation, bunch of pussies

This is my rant, you all want to chant? No?
o.k, so here i got with my flow or a bit slow….
fuck this idiots, these college kids that now
want all free, education, a lot for the homeless,
whatever all the left think is the moral good thing
to do, wich for me is actually enslaving people since
you eventually depend on the State, wich I might add
in all disclosure the State does give me 400$ a month
and that is with what I live, you see, my beeeee!
Point being I´m all day or most of the day walking
around (since I don´t want to spend a lot of money on
transport)and finding….yeeeeeeeeeeeha, nothing, our
economy is more than fucked. I didn´t even know until
today if i was going to get the governments check, and
i will add that compared to this spoiled kids i started
working from the age of 16 up until now or bit earlier
that i fucked up, got up,and now they are even cutting
people down working in Burger King, that should say something.
Point being:
Millenium generation are a bunch of spoiled brats
(for the most part) You want free college? Fuck you,
that is not a privilege you idiots, you are lucky by
your daddy and mommy paying for it or you yourself pay it
for you yourself like i did, working two Jobs and trying
to maintain a 3.3 GPA average, didn´t work out so i had
to get out and try to live with whatever i could get,
eventually getting in the army did help, as a matter of
fact all these stupid idiots who thing life is “not fair” and
“share inequality” or share….seems they want to have
everyone in a mansion, so fuck you, i´m really fucked up
with money and have been for quite of my adult Hood, not
like most of you, cause i´m pretty sure you do have money
for a party and for food? so fuck you pieces of little pussy
shits, get on with it, you go under the bridge then go,
but stop looking up to the government to help you out,
i get the governments pay check and since nobody is hiring
in the traditional way wich means that you got a contract,
it means you are working 13 hours in some shit site of
construction and they pay you 60$ a day,
and you don´t declare it to the IRS wich for me
is yaaaaaaaaaaaho! So this idiot generation, you do want
socialism, then get to my country and try to live how we
live, you wouldn´t last a day, probably be crying for your
mommy in the next day. Punks.

Now I do feel better.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, and…. smile!


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