No wonder…(be advised)

I actually bet this guy,not the black
guy but the white Anglo soxaaaaaane,
or just White,
this guy is a U.S Marine, just for
the fact that I do know the terminology
and when the white guy say “fall back”, he
forgot he was in civilian ife. Yet no wonder
I got into fights…
as many as I did, I do know this is not good
for me, cause I would not do that crazy thing
of putting the arms up.
I just reacted in antoher
way and quite violent if someone would piss me
off or thought he was “the man”, like that black
idiot ( I can also call white idiots), actually me
included, so here you go, but it is my “friend” a
U.S Marine kicking this punck ass.
But we are héroes remember?,
Or also human beings.
P.S I´m not drunk……heeeeeha! Just saw a skunk
Stay Frosty gents and gentes.

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