You need fun

So almost 3 a.m and I´m looking at these videos,
funny though, we never pulled a prank like that,
there were others wich I don´t know if…..leave at that.
Crazy thing when I got in to the army, was that you basically
stayed on two legs, no sitting around so no wonder I
have my joints screwed up ( did I jus say that? Just being a wussy)
But yes, whoever went to the military they do know there is a lot
and I say again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot of waiting around, boring things,
since what you do is repetition repetition repeti…tion, of the same
things, wich is normal becomes second nature to most of
the people when they put it to practice.
So, yo my bro I just…..bored
Point being if I remember correctly, you better have some of this
crazy thing on because if not your moral will go down, plus I thought
this one was great-


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