Getting pinched

Here goes my best
Doesn´t matter the rest
Life is Life
And I don´t even have a wife
I could get pinched any second
So that is my present

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Doing good, I´m not in jail for now, since I had a case pending from some other time and had to go to court yesterday, I even forgot about this one, so after my other court date I don´t know if this one will violate my parole, don´t think so since it happened before I got sentenced by the other court, but who knows, I´m just jumping from court to court and paying fines and fines, still not in jail though, but at this rate I m pretty sure I´ll never get out of debt paying all these fines.
        Apart from those Little mishaps, I came to my parents home and did some grdening today, wich I almost fainted, I´m not in very good shape, and with 30 celcious and the sun hitting me, I only lasted an hour and a half cutting branhes, cleaning and all that, plus I have a new friend in this house now it´s this one, so have you been?

      2. Charly! I’m going to send you a calendar. You’re a mess! You can’t forget your court dates. I bet you don’t forget your going out with girl dates. Lol!! Just think of them as the sexiest girl date in the world. You’d never forget! No more being a naughty boy! You’ve got a baby at home now. Lol!
        How’s your mom doing? Tell her I said hello! I miss her! 🙂 I’ve been busy since school is out. My boys have been keeping me busy! Had a pipe burst under the slab in my house. Been staying in a hotel for a couple of days while it’s getting fixed. Yay me!! I hate when things go wrong with the house!! So inconveniencing and expensive! But my boy and I have been having room service the past 2 days!! Wooohooo! ❤️😉

      3. You to are having problems with the house? Happened to me also last month, it was a wáter pipe too, leeaks everywhere and no hot wáter, but you are lucky woman! At least you could stay in a hotel, we had to live with wáter pouring on top of us , forgot the light went out for two days, and it goes on, quite a mess.
        So how are your boys?

      4. P.S. I´m gonna have to hire you as an assisant to keep track of my court appearances, by the way you should see all those lawyers, mostly women and…..weeeeeha! Hot di di hot, I actually didn´t want to get out of the courthouse and just stay there to do sightwathcing 😉

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