Jail house blues

This March fourteen
was my sentencing,
got a fine and two years of parole
for playing stupid five years ago in an abnormal role

Bum Bum Da Da Bum Bum!

This February seemed I screwed up again
it was in a bar and it was property damaging
got to court on January
i didn´t even remember that day so it was scary

Bum Bum Da Da Bum Bum!

Although this incident happened before my first sentencing
this last sentencing will be after the other
so will that violate my parole? I ask my mother
slap slap! Shut up and do not quack,
I live in the unknown if or not it will start
my jail house blues.

Bum Bum Da Da Bum Bum!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I wish you stay away from trouble a little longer, then it will grow into a habit. It is four month since February, keep going that way, wish you well!

    1. I was drunk as a skunk, didn´t even remember that one, so I got to court and it really was a commedy, I had no idea why I was there and worst off I didn t remember nothing, but there is more to the story though, I do have enemies, and this woman does seems to put every one into some sort or that thing, since I saw her in the courtroom talking to the gurards, lawyers, and more, the bitch set me up if you ask me,

      1. I have no clue, as I told you my parole is for 2 years, but this happened after when my last court date happened and I got smaked with a fine and 2 year parole term, so if the last court date was in March for the sentencing, this came later and really as a surprise but it was on February before I went to court for the other thing, so I have no clue if that would violate my parole or not, but you know what? F-em, and also F-me, I did screw up with the drinking, I do turn into a different person really when I drink, so it is on me, and I´m not going to cry about it, what was interesting is that I got this “notice” by the court because I broke a door in a bar at 7 am, on this February and I got the note on May, didn´t even remember that thing, but are responsable of what you do, and as I told my parents, actually they told me, if you don´t have money for the bond we are not going to help you, and that is actually going backwards when more of a youngster I was all over the place and didn´t care nothing of the consequences, but now….p, nisses me off since now I do have a better life, not perfect, but I got my own room, my computer, t.v, books, food,, e.t.c. so it does piss me off that I could go to jail for this stupid thing that I broke (as the woman in the bar says) her door, I actually doubt it and there is more people involved that do want a piece of me as one could say, but yes, did I do it or not, I really don´t remember, but now, did I put myself in that situation I most probably did,, situation meaning getting drunk, so yes, I will take the fall, probably if I don´t get killed in that stupid jail I´ll learn my leasson, not really I have already been encarcerted, so is not a new thing for me, what is new is tha is has been a llloooooooooooong time since the last time, and now that I´m trying, believe me I´m trying, not to drink since that is what gets me in these type of troubles, when i think everthingh is going good, then comes the hammer down. So I guess is just to deal with the bad things you did, not even bad things really, just not get involved in certain or with certain people

      2. So, when will you know if it affects your current parole? I hope it doesn’t because it actually happened before March. May be they won’t mix two things together. For goodness sake, stay away of trouble. I don’t touch alcohol many years because I have seen many lives completely destroyed by it, and I don’t have any interest in looking stupid. Think about that. I imagine how difficult it is to live in a small town and avoid drinking, but you can do that, you have grown out of the small town things long ago.

      3. Yes mam, I have grown up of small town things, lived in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and been traveling quite a bit in Europe, but at the end of the day I have no $$$, so I end up were I began in this shit hole of town (nothing good saying about me obviously) and the towns around it, and you still face the same things I escaped, drug dealers, bunch of shady bars, wich I guess both go hand in hand, and point being….. It is my fault for drinking really, I can t even remember what the alleggations were when I got to court, I had no clue, told the judge, and she, yes it was a she and hot!….sorry had to say it) the judge saw me as I was that daay, a bit wasted really, the woman actually laughed at the things I told her, δm pretty charmming really, or silly, but she did laugh, and then she will probably put me 300$ to repay the broken door.
        Wich I don´t have, If I do not pay for that then I go to jail, and if I go to jail I have no clue about the other one, the being on parole for 2 years, if that counts on top or what, really have no idea. But f-em, and f-me, I did do what I did, althought I did tell the truth, I have no rememberance of what happened that February 4 at 7 a.m so you can imagine how I was a 7 a.m drinking……not good that´s for sure, I actually think is in my nature to screw up, the only thing that I can think off that I did good in my life was the army and several instances in civilian life that I actually saved a human life while others just froze and watch, apart from that I don´t know, are you my therapist by the way after I wrote this?….man, sorry

      4. Charly, when are you to know what is an outcome of that February’s incident? Don’t worry until the day – you can change nothing at this point. What I really worry about is something else. You are ruining your mental capacities with that drinking, and you have no idea about that. It is a slow process, but with no return. What is lost is lost forever. I am not sugar-coating my comment, and may be you will get angry, but I am sure this is true. The only way for you to get out of your circumstances is through the mental work – writing, but you are slowly killing your brain, your mental tool. Instead of looking for a drink, look around and write about everything you see. You can write prose, short stories or something, about people you already know, mingling it with fiction. You can hang around bus station, chat with people and write down all you learn, all the details to use in your writings. There is a lot to do in small town if you are a writer. You never know what are you going to find. Focus on writing before it is too late. People are all different, and they respond to alcohol differently. Some people go down the drain too fast, and they have no idea because they don’t believe anyone. Stop before that happens. And don’t be sorry, it is your blog, and you can write here all you want to share.

      5. Damn woman! I thought I was hearing my mother of something, and I know, you are correct in all you said, I do realize it, I´m not a dummy (just a bit), but wasn´t the great writers who where drunks? It doesn´t diminish my capacity I think….. thinking wrong, it does, but not to the point of staring to the wall and drooling.
        Yet again, you are right in all you said and I do realize it and believe me I try my hardest to not fall in the bottle, it is quite hare really, is day after day a battle for a freaking bottle, quite sad really if you stop to think about it, but i can and i must win the fight, yet againn I did say that quite a lot of times, so , lets see if this time is going to work, maybe going back to jail would be good for me, or if I could going to the army back again, I still crave that army thing, strange I know, but I still want that piece that adrenaline, but you are correct, and by the way I´m writing to you after having had a liter of wine (and the bad one, bought in the supermarket for 64 cents), and is only 11:39 (to be specific) a.m. And still going, but I think you do like me writing apart from my crazy life,
        and also thank you, but you can not help a person that doesn´t want to help
        himself, this was a long comment revealing …… not much actually since
        i did write about this, yet again thank you for your “motherly” concern, but doon´t worry, I´m good, I have more life´s tan a cat.
        I can even outlast that fox of your friend
        love ya

      6. Oh Charly, never measure the amount of alcohol someone else is capable to drink without problems. People are built too different, and you will never know when you reach YOUR point of no return. I wouldn’t write you anything of this, but that wine I sensed in your comment was the reason I did write. I am glad your beloved Mom and I think the same, but you are right, none of us can help. Isn’t it strange that you just have to stop drinking and your life will start to change – that simple, yet…
        Love ya, stay out of trouble this time

      7. I´m actually quite Mackiavelin (spelled that wrong I know the computer is configured in Spanish), by the way are you winking at me? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!
        In your gravatar instead of holding that cat or fox or whatever that thing is your are going to hold…..me!

    1. What do you mean with jailbait? Unfortunately I have been there already and I know the fucking creeps, just gotta punch or worst yourself out of certain situations, by the way here in spain we have “vis a vis”, wich basically means they will give you a “nice” room, so your partner can come ( no punt intended there) and have sexual relationships with you, so question is…… when the hell are you comming?!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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