Strange Mother love

Only a mother
or at least mine
she can step on a mine
and be fine
tough as nails
and she does have curls
she seems and looks like barby
and she actually is
so do not dismiss
but if you get on her piss
you will find it a great riskiss
my question is, how in the word does she still loves me?
So beeeeee! really, I know I´m silly
but only a mother, specially mine
would put up with the ” kid” knowing he´s not fine
and talking to her, it is rear, that, she would make you scare
always uplift, you don´t, obviously, talk about certain things
so that brings to me, a realisation, with a bunch of creation
meaning, no wonder she kicked me out of home at a young age,
so i could find my own way to hear and not hear and then stay
but, she will always be there, guarantee, even when she says
she doesn´t, might be wrong about that last part, just trying
to be smart, but mother, she has more pair of balls than all the
other, or others, or punks she hates so you will have no sculls, left
or my behest i can say,

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Yes, I do have a deep and dark secret, I´m a woman! Well not actually, the secret is that I do know and maybe too much how people opérate, I can see through them and past them and going over hen…..? Yep, 😉 looooooooove ya

    1. You are right on that one, with my faults and all, but nice person I am, I tried in my eary years to be a bad ass…. didn´t work out, I can be fighter if need be, but a bully badass.. seems is not in my nature

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