Lonesome man

Foto 326

The sun falls
I feel like jumping into Niagara falls
Moon shining
While I sit here alone wining but no dinning
I hear people in the street
That I guess is neat
Distant voices there are
I just go and drink myself to death in a bar
Alone Alone Alone, just with that face
Alone….staring into space

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Let me talk with him, probably will have good time while having a beer and then we will let you in the house to take care of the kids, and we go paaaaaarty!

      2. And you have my name and last name if you look in the email (if you gave it “right”) told ya, I don´t know why people are so secretive, I could care less, but if I sent it correctly there is my personal and very personal since that is the one that actually people that are of some kind of importance (consider you lucky) get that email, now is in the open, can´t change it and …………………..haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! love ya

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