The girl

Man, it is Sunday
tell you the truth
yesterday i was not smooth
got into a fight
and that was not right
I got a call from this girl
at 7 a.m in my time,
wich i was really out of it
but there are good people out there
and this person is that, a good person
plus she is hot, yeeeeeeeeeeha!…. kidding,
i was glad she woke me up with the hangover
glad she´s doing good, that takes out of my
mind, do I have one? my own stuff…puff puff
sorry, just smoking while talking in my writing, talk about
good people, not perfect but it certainly was
refreshing that someone, in this case her
remembered me, and took the time out of her busy life
to call this low life

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Ok amigo – I will give you your space – but you are so close to being done-but I know some phases of life have us with different focuses – so I won’t bring it up any more – and just pray – in Jesus name – for strength – wisdom, and contentment to fill you and may God continue to keep you in his care – glad we are blog friends sir spaniard!
        Talk to you later and love ya my bro from another mo!

      2. Reading that prayer made me calm down, put me at ease, and the book well you are the one that knows and …..whateeeeeeever dude, or dudess, the important thing is the person, in this case you, so whatever it takes of the book thing, if you can call that poetry. But God did bless me with a person like you, pretty sure you´re not perfect but I do know you are a good person.. at least with me. Love ya

      3. Oh thanks CP1 – and everything will happen in the right time – sending a calming and virtual hug your way – no emojis – just a big hug – love ya spaniard – xxoo

      4. Please email me if you ever want to chit chat that way! And hope I was not rude in any way over the poetry book – I know we all have different seasons of stuff going on – so just know I am here via email – xxoo

      1. I bring everything, smile, tears, sexy, you name it, by the way did i told yo a hot di di hot!….Not my fault about the flirting, can´t help it, plus you all know me so there ya gooooooooooo!
        You are from India right? I know through wordpress quite a lot of people from that place of the world

      1. 😉 love ya my friend. Hard for me to take compliments, but you are right, it is my problem not yours.
        And I do appreciate the kind words.

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