The freaking moroccan…

Well one of my roommates is a Moroccan woman
She also seems to be the house spokeswoman
Freaking Moroccan wakes up everyday already yelling
and bitching
Got me thinking
Shut up!
What a freaking headache she gives
And she also does not to any forgives
She´s a nutcase
I should tie her up and put her in a suitcase

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Wouldn´t be the polite thing to scream like this one, scream in Spanish I should add with their Moroccan accent, they always speak yelling, drives me nuts, plus I should also add that the idiot is always cursing. I should also add that in my early years they State pay me to get rid of this nutcases, jo fuk-m

  1. Well, there is the reality that she or anyone else that is a believer in what Islam teaches has about a 99% chance that she is bone-e-fried crazy. That is not a brag, it is just a fact. A sad fact, but still it is reality.

    1. I live in Spain, spent half of my early life in the U.S, but born here, now I´m back to the same old town that I was born, the Moroccans have increased two fold, plus the funny thing or what actually makes me mad, is that if you go to the socia security services you will find a couple of Spanish people, the rest are Maroccans, asking money from the State, and after that beautiful morning walk, you will find the same Maroccans selling dope in the park, so I´m not to fond of them the point is being. Taking advantage of my country while they sell dope?… nope,, got in quite of “issues” with this idiots

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