Fathers day, my take on it

I just read a quote that said something to this lines
“Everyman wants to please his father or make up for the mistakes of his father”
What the F…k
For crying out loud what´s with the daddy issues
I´m going to take out some boatloads of tissues
I long time realized
Quite a surprise?
I was not at all like my father, not smart like him, tough as him, nor have the drive like him
So is me
Sitting on my crazy tree
Me, Me and Me
I don´t compare myself to others
And I have no bothers
I don´t even remember the day that we celebrated Fathers Day
In my house with a strange name
He loves me in his own way
That is enough, people are not perfect
So screw that shitty quote
I have to do a re-wrote

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. hey cp1- I agree with many of the sentiments here – and like the issue and tissue line…. and my pet peeve is when the Christian community over focusses on how some people have issues with their real life dad and then that transfers over into how they view God as dad. argh – don;t have time to explain why it bothers me…. but the ones I have seen try and make this connection have errors in their logic with it.

    1. I don´t know about the Christian community views on it, I do know this, you become your own man and even if my father wasn´t the type to go and play with me in the park or is a sentimental person, I don´t expect from his much more, I know he loves me in his own way, so what´s with the crying of man about their fathers…..I was really raise by my mother, but my father played his role in another way. So be it, I´m 33 years old should I still have grudges against the man? I think not. As I said, he is not the sentimental type and actually doesn´t like kids very much, but he is a good man. In times of real crisis he was there for me, that is enough.

  2. Oh these quotes! They just want to put in our brains something that doesn’t belong there. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Instead of pondering on quotes people should have a life of their own. I absolutely love my father and never wanted him being upset because of me, but neither I ever tried to please him nor he expected me to. He raised me by his example, and because of him I am who I am, genuinely me.
    Happy Fathers day to a future Dad! 🙂

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