Facebook shuffle

Foto 315

I´m the top one percent of the Face the Book
Reason being because I´m a crook
And when I smile the ladies go a bit “cook”
I´m the face book man
In on hand
The Eagle can land
But my eyes can become sand
are my eyes paste with glue
into Facebook
i´m the master of you
even when sleeping through

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Have a great Sunday!



      1. F-me that is Carissa Adrianne of the grand land, Right now 14 days later, I´m fixing myself to read the blogs after my cool vacation in the hospital, how many people can say they spend their vacations in a hospital? Very few, so I actually find myself in a privilage position

      1. My water?…..what the f…ck? I don´t have babies, I make them that is another thing, then I run off to the north pole with santa of the clause, but…….
        my heart is melting for you

      2. My heart is made of steel, and my balls ( did I really said that Word? seems so I have no delete button) are made of
        ……… well also steel, point being I am strong, womaaan!!!

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