he´s always ike this
but do not worry he said
laying in his bed
he just have a headache
that he can forsake with Gretch

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.



    1. Thank you very much for the compliment, really appreciate it. So what I write is abstract? Had no clue, I just type away, have no formal studies in this thing or as a mater of fact of anything. Anyways, glad you liked it and is………….abstract!

    1. Sorry for the way way delay response, just got back from a vacation to the hospital. Thank you for the comment. A master piece…… Sort of like the Mona Lisa from Micheal Angelo but in writing, damn I´m good!

  1. Hi CP – praying for you and whatever is going on – be strong amigo and no weapon formed against u will prosper – do not forget what is inside you and don’t sabotage the great gifts and talents you have – I love u and know good things are in store – and pay for a hedge of protection around you right now and pray that what the enemy meant for bad – will be turned for good because God has you right in the palm of his hand –
    Be encouraged – xxoo

    1. Hello, sorry for the delay response. I just got back from the hospital after 2 weeks. Trying to read all the comments and posts now. And thank you for the prayers and your support,, I´ll try to read ya as soon as I can, moooooma! 😉 Love ya

      1. love ya and I have prayed for you a few times….. did not know about hospital and so sorry to hear that – be in touch – and stay strong

      2. I´m a hulk hogan type, seeeexyyy! 😉 or better said silly,
        anyways anyhows, I don´t even know you but you seem like a really nice woman, specially all the trouble I put you to read my “poetry” book, and you actually read it, took the time to do so, and really improved the thing, but that is not the important thing, for me at least, it was just you took the time out of your bussy life to do that. Not a lot of people would do as you well know. So I guess what I´m saying is that I really appreciate you.

      3. well thanks for saying that – and I wish you would let me upload it – but I know you have things that you are working through. heck – we all have different things on our plate and then seasons in our life change. I know you have things you are healing from – and I also know you are packed with wisdom and you have such a great perspective – and of course you are the Sir Spaniard Writer Extraordinaire….
        and so strong –
        but maybe “not” so thirsty….

      4. Hold it, you said you can upload it? Do people have to pay to put it in Amazon or whatever outlets there are to put it out you writing? (money is the main thing)

      5. nope – I think it will not cost you anything. I know it is free for Kindle and I just need to check on the other things… but nada amigo – 🙂

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