16 days!! Fuck me
now I need to get to a pharmacy
16 days in the hospital
like a cage animal
time to catch up with the bloggers
all those buggers
did write some outstanding insightful poetry
while hooked up to a breathing machine
needles poking my skin
but managed to create some great pieces of art
i´m just that smart
I´m in a frenzy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Hi there Wally, some little glitches in the body, I´ll post it tomorrow, just got out today so trying to read as much of others. But I cheated death again, yet again, and it seems my 9 lifes seems to be running out

      1. Ok, well thank The Lord you are ok and I will wait for that update.

        Cheated death a few times myself LOL. If God wants you around, 9 is NOT the limit.

        See ya tomorrow

      1. I´ll try.
        It´s curious for me at least ( I´m weird) that when I talk about what is actually quite a screwed up thing in my body that could me put to sleep in the next step I take and then I´m done, but to me I just made peace with it, so when the doctors told me about it, they where probably thinking ” does this guy want to commit suicide?” I just live whatever it is, life is short, probably or more than probaly my way of life will make my life quite a bit short, don´t want to give a headeache to my familly and all that,, but it is how I live, I will try to calm it down,, but fuck it, they discovered I had a blood clutter in the other blood vain that i next to the “main” vain, of the heart, plus I got cirrosis, so fuck it,, just having fun as long as I can keep on going, not the best of mentality to have, not only for me but more for the familly, they probably suffer more than I do, actually that is the truth,, but was in the army deployed never though I would even see 25 years and I m going on 33,, the age of christ! yeeeeeeeeeeha! So fuck it,, I got enough, I did do my peace with death long time ago, and believe it or not it does not scare me, that is why I look at them ( the doctors) when they come in to say some bad news as if they were just telling me how the food will be this or that, and they look at me as if in saying, what the fuck is wrong with this guy that he is so calm. I told them,, just accept it. Is not like it is a slow suicide or something weird like that, is just me. And I ´m sorry

      2. you don’t have anything to be sorry about. your attitude is admirable. fear and worry get you no where…they just get in the way of living and loving, what you do so well. x

      3. living I guess, about the loving part I´m not to sure about that, but I do love you if you have the house with white picked fence, and a do also, and the kid or kids, or… don´t know saw a video of you with a kid while you where doing some type of yoga or some sort of exercise, hey! the kid looked like they say over there ” the all american kid”, blond and blue eyes ( not sure about the eyes) Anyways anyhows,
        Stay Frosy lady.
        Meaning of Stay Frosty- keep calm, be adviced to keep you head on a swivel, put all your training in place….I freaking forgot what was that I said, look it up then! Making me to start thinking….. love ya, take care. Seems you have a lovely kid over there

    1. Hey yoooooo! My American Queen, forget about me I know my thing, just living life the best I can, how you doning the Amarican of Injustice….. by the way did you find some justice?…. Jeeessuuuss, , get a freaking diploma of lawyers,, wich I also need on of those type of people, still have one pending for the 28 of September,
      looooooooooove ya

      1. Look at you, sounding sexy with the spanish.
        What´s with me, that is a good question that I have a stupid answer to it, it is just me. For better or for worst, just me

      2. Not really, I think you know me in this sense and if not I´ll tell you,, I made my peace with death and God some time ago, so it is not something that is in my mind every second of the day, I do regret it for my familly that´s for sure,, but at the same time I only think of only myself, self destruction is me, but I have Little thinking about the people around me that can suffer Fromm it, but I try my best to put on always a good smile and good chating with those people, wich it works, but death, I didnt even thought I was going to make it by the age of 25, and now I´m 33, I did my job in this world so now, doesn´t bother me too much, except phisical pain, but they can always put me in a induced comma, so fuck it, I did my job in the army and in civilian life, so not much more to say except to live the life I want to live and if that takes me to hell, so be it

      3. Char,
        You could NEVER go to Hell after death, not YOU. You have been to Hell already, and you’ve come back; and you’re right want to live whatever time you got left. I know you in that sense, aye. But please email me when you feel up to it, so we can catch up. Quiero ofrecerle mi apoyo.

  1. Awww, Charly…. I’m so sorry you were in the hospital. I’m hoping that your body will heal and be better than before. I just asked G-d to please heal you in all ways needed (twice, just to be sure).

  2. Thanks for your service!
    Sounds like you are on a slow suicide path whatever the problem, but what would I know. I do know you are talented, kind, sensitive and caring … precious to so many so hoping you can move on from here, improve your health and continue to share with us?
    Take care young man, I feel life has more in store for you.

    1. I really appreciate the comment, and yes I often wonder myself if subconciously I am on a slow suicide path, I guess I should take care of myself more since I should have been gone long time ago, never thought I would make it to 25 let alone now that I´m 33. I have had too many “passes”, and hopefully there is something good in the future, although we do make our own future, and hopefully with all the physical problems I have I can achieve something that I can say I am proud of, and then, then I´ll be good to go be it heaven or hell. Hopefully the former.

      1. Charly you do good every day with your family, your blog and your kindness to so many of us here! Not sure I have a handle on heaven and hell – think most of us experience it here in our daily lives – your own experience testifies to that. We all do the best we can with the hand we’re dealt, you’ve done it tough … had any help for possible PTSD?

  3. The Aharonic Blessing for the priests over Israel can bring comfort in its words to the souls of many who feel burdened in this world. I surmise it could be how you sometimes feel, and I post it here for the needs of your suffering as you go forward and try to confront those traps which have set you, snd from which you are trying to remove. Good for you! And stay as strong as I know that you are in this battle, as well.

    The L-rd bless you and keep you;
    The L-rd make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you;
    The L-rd lift up His countenance upon you and grant you peace.

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