Hospital rap melody

Seems my body likes the hospital
More than a popsicle
Tubes inside me
I smile and blurt “he he”
Looking at hot nurses dressed in blue
They´re sticking needles on me with no clue
I chit chat with my own mental cat while smiling
Then ask them for a date of their liking
draeaming dreaming…..

O, wait!
you came here because you vomited blood
the pancreas is bad even though you´re a Spanish stud-
so the hospital rap melody
starts singing in my body

O, wait!
we found something else
you kidding me? that has to be false
no, to at all
and is nothing small-
more hospital rap melody
keeps on singing on my body

End of part one….. I do think I have a part two?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Gotta love life.



      1. what the hell woman! how do you know so much spanish?
        Are you with a matador?….don´t even answer, I know you are, so tell him I´m the real matador

    1. Thank you, but I really doubt it, not to be a victim, actually one of the nurses was telling ” I´m just flipping out, what the are you saying”, when I was telling her about death, anyways it comes it comes and I actually talk about it as if it was talking about how good the coffe (sorry, tea) was in a normal conversation. Who in the world told them I´m normal?…. Thanks Mr. Ankers.

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