Time to go to work

2 days feeling sorry for myself
that is selfish………….so screw it,
I have no poetry or writing left in this mind
I do mind, that I can´t keep on going like that
Looking like a fool and be a sitting stupid stool
From the heart? This is my heart
I better be gutsy and smart
Since there is no change of letting me back in the dark hole
There is my familly, they do take care of me,
Sounds like a wussy? Yes sirs and mams, but
I got to get my hands on what is really important for me
Then I´ll be happy
I did go to some place that is not happy
Feeling vulnerable, feeling like a dumb idiot
Forget that shit,
Time to go to work.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Read you when I can read you,and thank you also.


  1. We’re all entitled to a bad day or two occasionally – I have ‘um, but like you, I never allow my pity parties to last more than a day or 2 – then I figure out a way to motivate and get out of the funk. Keep on keeping on, Mr. Priest ❤

  2. Glad you’re feeling better – did you click on my humorous link? It’s gifted creative writing at it’s absolute best and ideal to keep handy for those days when you are down in a funk.

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