The explanation

I try to explain
what will cause me pain
no internet connection
so i´m under no detection
living in a room for 130$ a month
living in a piece of shit of town with no, library
scary hence no wifi, really, taking a fucking bus
just to cuss at the computer to get wifi in another town
what a clown, so now wonder the last post was on the 25 of
last month, now, being at my parents house looking at the
new bulldog, or is it a hog? it´s a freaking strange creature
o, and living in a town where I get stalk by a woman, yes you
heard, a womaaaaaaaaan! Bitch even called two of her “Friends”
to come to my house door, one ended up in the floor and i got
the police on a leash. But, no freaking internet connection
hence I can´t work, a bore myself to almost death, that is the
explanation and is the sole realisation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. That´s true, wich makes me a roller coster, allways up and then down, up and down, up for some months and down fucked for some other months, tired of being in that theme park, changes and drastic ones have to be made

    1. Hi there, got internet today, quite the amazing thing, I literally have to ask permission to my mother to swing by their house and use it, quite pathetic actually. Trying to catch up with as many people as I can. Hugs back

    1. It´s extremely hard trust me. I actually asked my mother if I could swing by their house to get internet, so quite pathetic.
      And I don´t have the entire day, depends on the mood of the house.
      By the way, thank you for the compliment, I miss you guys too, plus I get extremely bored without an internet connection, read, write on paper, walk out of the house and you see the same people in that small shit town every day at the same time at the same place talking about the same thing, they bore me and usually I would inmerse myself in writing or Reading ( wich I do) but then is also nice to just disconnect from that too and get some wordpress time and other things in the net, so is a pain in the but.

  1. Hey Charly, keep ’em coming! I guess starving in a garret is sort of a precondition for successful authorship. Life experience, I think they call it – the ones who’ve never had to do it, that is. Keep well, man,

    1. Thanks a lot Frederick. But without internet is quite hard to learn, since I actually study through the internet,I just don´t use it for wordpress, I get into YouTube and can spend a couple of hours listening to some authour talking about the craft, or read whatever about literatura, so it is pain in the b..t. But today I got internet again, had to pull some strings to get to the place so they would let me use it.

    1. It is boring, frustrating since I can´t read other webs about literatura and about sending out material and all those things and obviously if you are not engage in the “community”you start to loose contacts, so a pain in the ass. But we´ll manage to make a future with wifi hopefully.

  2. Sending you a. Blog hug sir spaniard – and that the time away from wifi would have good fruits- be encouraged dear poet and sending up a prayer for you that “no weapon formed against you wil prosper”

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