The degrees

104 farenheit
Charly´s erossion erudite
No air conditioning
My brain is partitioning
Constant sweat covering my body
I find myself in another category
Category of parasite
I find it hard to write
So many degrees….
I just ask for a light breeze!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. It sure is, good news is that I don´t feel like smoking that much. So I might get a heat headache ( if there is something like that) but on the bright side I´m postponing my lung cancer

      1. That is the reasonable thing to do, as a matter of fact quite a lot of people wonder why I spend my money on such things and not on normal things like a cake, or coffe or a cinema, or whatever normal people do, I forgot what it is to do normal things

      2. Well, I could argue that you are always making someone rich everytime you pay for anything, why would I want to make even more rich Hollywood by watching one of their movies, or Matt Damon that idiot activist preaching about global warming while he travels in a hummer and in jets or buying a cake so my cholesterol and those of others who buy them goes off the roof and they die of a heart attack at a relative young age?
        I should just move to Alaska and be one of those “off the grid” people who live there out of the land.

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