Let me introduce myself

Hi ladies and gentleman, specially gentlemen…DSCN2835
My name is Tina, the idiots of my handlers, ha, they think they are
able to handle me, bunch of troglodytes, well these idiots called me
Tina after the singer Tina Turner. That bitch, I´m way better looking
than her, check me out boys, e-mail me and I´ll give you my Facebook
page, but only for the hot gentlemen.DSCN2829
They keep taking photos of me, you like my teeth? White as pearls.
And the other day, that Charly guy, stupid idiot tried to confuse me
thinking that my pal to your left of the picture was actually a true one
like me, see?DSCN2800
That Charly, crazy…. I think he was drunk as a skunk,the imbecile thought
I thought that the ugly teddy bear was for real, yo Charly! Shout out to
you, you dumb sucker.
I just like to make his life miserable, I bite him everywhere and at every
opportunity I have, he has to learn to know who wears the pants in this
new relationship, yo yo yo!!! Me, I´m the queen baby!
Poor bastard tried to put a barrier around him while he was
pretending he was writing in that stupid computer of his that
gets internet whenever it wants to get it, even the computer owns
him, ha! Anyways he put this stupid barrierDSCN2833
but I got through, I always find holes and if not I bite myself through
walls if need be. It was a bit tiring so then I had a great
spanish siestaDSCN2838 I´m an English Bulldog, used to cold and rainy weather,
but I love the spanish siesta, one of the few things I like about
this country, it´s freaking hot here.
Anyways, glad to meet you all and……yo boys! Give me your cellphones,
I´m getting bored of being in this house all day.


  1. Awww … she is so adorable!!!
    We have a black Labrador. And he love to steal away my food when I return to the kitchen, always caught him in the act sitting on my stool and licking the plate! LOL
    Then he looked up, making that whiny face, pretending to be innocent!
    Damn pets! They know what they are doing!

    1. She can´t stay still, everything is interesting to her and she has to explore it, just like a kid.
      I got a solution for you, you have to get a higher stool and table too, or make a house on a tree and eat there.

      1. I´d rather not, once a day she goes “chucky” on me. You know chucky? That terror movie were this toy kid suddenly starts killing everything that moves? Well that is chucky, and the dog specially in the afternoon after her sleep she wakes up nuts and starts biting anybody and anything so I call that episode of hers going “chucky”, just like the terror movie

      2. Yeah, I have seen the movie chucky. The doll looked terrifying though, as opposed to Tina. 🙂 😀

      3. Now that you say it……you´re right! I too am a bit like chucky sometimes and I destroy quite a lot of things….damn, this is a terrible realisation now

  2. Haha I can’t believe you actually put that fence around the dog and you. This was an adorable poem by the way. A different perspective from what you usually write. A fun read. I liked this very much Charly ! 😊

    1. Thank you Zee, I actually put that fence to keep the dog out from biting me when writing, but the little devil found a way in, got in and decided to lay down next to me, probably she thought it would increase my writing productivity. So a member of the family saw it and they decided to take a picture of this curious event when I wasn´t looking, I heard a “click” from the camera and then I turned around cursing.

      1. Oh that dog bites?? 😲 but she was laying so peacefully at your feet. I guess she does likes you😄

        And hats off to the person who captured the moment. Very nice picture !😉

      2. Well that´s what I make to take up to hill with my sober mill inside the pride has gone to hide so make what I do you do it snit plit you do it such as a duet…… just getting in my Eminem groooove

      3. How do you know, maybe my mother had a “slip” and never told anyone she “got it on” with a black dude. I might be a mix, I might even be a rastafari

    1. Tina is much better looking when she´s asleep, it´s actually a spanish saying “estas mas guapo/a cuando duermes” as in telling you that when you are asleep you don´t talk nor you screw around.

    1. I think she´s bipolar, late in the afternoon she goes all “chucky” on me (you know the movie of the Little monster psychopath kid) she starts running around in circles, bitting everything, her eyes are about to popp out of her sockets, quite the sight really. I actually have to hide in the closet and wait until the “chucky” psychopathic episode passes

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