weekly smile

Prompt by:https://trentsworldblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/weekly-smile-33-weeklysmile/

Why is this dude smiling?yo pa kruti

You can´t really tell I´m smiling
cause I´m not, neither I´m crying
So that is “the park”(one of them anyways)
were there are no ducks that quack
And I haven´t set a foot there
for a long time and I have more time to spare
Not the best of places
only criminals giving you their graces.

So I smile!! Two weeks, Two weeks!
without any drinks
Staying sober
so I don´t become that ogre
One day at a time
hopefully this time
yet again
will be a long lasting train, healthy ride
to say a long good by to the alcohol high.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Two weeks without a drink is a lot to smile about and may that turn into two months, then two years then…

    Hey, I saw another smile, Tina. Despite the bites and shenanigans, I’m sure she’s a lot to smile about.

  2. Hi, Charly! Nice pic! I think this is one of my favorite poems of yours, so far! Good one! I think you should make this your new avatar pic! 🙂

    1. Thank you Randy, about the avatar….. I have no clue how to put that picture that is in the media library to the avatar, if you can believe that. I´m a trologdite when it comes to “technical” things like that ( I do consider that extremely technical for me) plus who cares about avatar pictures or pictures in general, as long as you liked the writing that´s enough for me.

  3. yes and yes – two weeks is worth smiling about and sending you a smile across the miles CP1!
    love u ((my brother from another mother living in a foreign lAnd))
    talk to you soon
    “mister prior”

    1. thank´s Yvette, it´s hard, today I have the cravings big time. Anxiety rising through the roof and preety much in a foul mood, lets see if I get through today.

      1. not to sund corny – but eat some good food – get some protein and amino acids – and I know you know a lady with herbs – so I am not saying to go all out -but do you remember years ago when i taught classes at a center where folks were in recovery? Well many of the men and women had intestinal flora issues – and with probiotics, candida-rid herbs, and dense rich foods (god fats – good meats0 many cravings subsided…..
        also – some folks say that sipping some soup and broth helps – there are so many little things – but it is never easy breaking any habit – sucks….

        a little prayer – “May the god of hope fill you strength and grace…”
        maybe you find grace each hour – each minute…
        you can do it Sir Spaniard – talk to you soon.

      2. Thank you, the anxiety does tend people to go to the fridge and eat, since my fridge is pretty much empty I just sucked it up and did smoke like a chimney I should add, but no “bubly bubly” last saturday. Couldn´t sleep, tried to read, couldn´t, then saw the three channels i can get in that room, got bored, stared at the ceiling for God knows how many hours, got bored, but I knew that if I got out of that room and into the street I would be done, I would loose that battle. So, I made myself my own little prison in that room.

      3. For me it comes and goes. I can go for weeks and not have a craving but one day it suddenly comes. Kind of weird, I can´t pinpoint a “why” as to why that exact date that is not so different from others

    1. Thank you, I´m trying believe me. But there are days like today that the cravings are there, anxiety and fould mood, constantly thinking about that drink. Can´t even write a short story, my mind is not for it, just a drink. Hard as hell this thing.

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