Jump around!

Now I´m here
Then I´m there
I can write from anywhere

My laptop is broken
So I can´t be so wordpress outspoken
I move from place to place to get to a computer and be outspoken

Jump around Jump around!!

Freaking laptop
Is a piece of snot
I think he has an evil plot

Tomorrow I´m going to the “repair shop”
And me ending with a teardrop
More money that I don´t have spend on this technological crop

In the meantime until it gets resolved…. jump around!

Now using an old Mac-speeder
Can´t see the wordpress reader
It´s outdated and he is now no ringleader

I track wordpress people very slowly
And time is not in my side so this is unholy
I can move to a internet caffè but slowly

In the meantime as you can see… I jump around! Juuuuump around!

Here and there
I have my connects prepare

I call up in advance
Telling them that I will do the groove dance

Just for some time
To do some internet crime

So, I jump around!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Sadly, lots of people in your corner, Charly. Let’s hope the techie wizards can fix your laptop. I know they don’t like ’em, they complain all the boards and wiring is too damned cramped in there and too much can go wrong with stress and heat… I treat mine with kid gloves. I don’t close it unless I’m travelling. At home I use a home-made cover to protect keyboard and screen from dust or things falling on ’em, and if I’m not moving it around for a while, I remove the battery so as not to fry it from over charging. My laptops, therefore, last a long time and still have life in ’em when I give them away so I can upgrade. Just some hints for you. Always reading your stuff, wondering about your life, how trying it seems to be. Stay Frosty also… 🙂

    1. Hi there Sha ´Tara, I really should start taking more care of this computer, specially not letting other people touch it. My guess it´s a virus that got in, who knows until this tech guy calls me up and bleeds me out of my savings and then gives me the computer back so it brakes down the next month.

      1. I’m guessing it’s too far gone for you to download and install a very useful free app called Malwarebytes anti-malware. It would tell you if you have a virus.

      1. Well at least…it wasn’t some “other” vital part of your body that got gangrene and had to be cut off so pinky finger loss isn’t that big…

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