I think I´m black and gay


I have the rhythm inside me
hip hop stinging like a bee
that is quite whack
so I might be black
why do black dudes and dudess
have that rhythm in general in them?
don´t know but i feel´em
so i might be half black
on the attack

I think i might be gay
the other day
i saw this beautiful girl
and i didn´t even shout at one of her curl
i even stopped going out looking to catch a chick
so that´s not slick
i might even like a dick
that sounded a bit sick
so i figured that i might be gay
might even change my name to Mae

Fuck this is nuts….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Buenos dias! This is not good that you wake up that early,
      you really think you can come to Canarias and wake up this early, Spanish people will think you are a nut case.

      So I´m not alone then….

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