In case you forgot

I write this while my eyes swell up with tears,
my heart is beating to the rhythm of the tears drop.
I have never been one to express,
but now, I have to say;
that you belong inside my heart
and I will treasure you like a great piece of art.

I stare and absorb all your beautiful features, your heart of gold,
your angelic face, your sweet voice.

I hope this letter will find you
and although is to late now
I still feel you belong inside my heart.

I will always be watching you from above,
hoping you have the greatest of life´s without me,
that is what your beautiful soul deserves.

In case you forgot: my heart was rot and now I can
only love you from above.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Thanks, don´t know what happened today. Writing about love, which I don´t do often….or never. You too have a great weekend.
      By the way this is probably one of the nicest comments I had in a long time, appreciate that you liked it.

    1. The ninja turned to a fruitcake for a little while, but I´m back to ninja, (I´m right behind you now although you can´t see me and after slaying two people). Did you say “It´s actually pretty?” Come on, this was the best love poem or letter or whatever you name it, but it was the best love written thing you have ever read and will read. If I were you I would print it, might worth millions in a couple of years. Just a thought

    1. You can´t imagine how hard it is for me to get into the iternet. My phone doesn´t have internet, that might sound strange to you and pretty much to everybody else in the planet since you all have the iphones and ipads and all those things, I have a phone from the last century wich someone gave it to me for free. At least I can receive calls and make calls that´s about it. Then there is the 400$ computer that I bought, wich is also a piece of crap, I can´t get internet in the room that I rent,so I have to move to some other peoples houses to be able to access the internet. You might live in a digital world, I´m living in the pre-digital world. I still use pay phones. Can you believe that?!! When was the last time you used a payphone, as a matter of fact you probably weren´t born when you got hold of that phone, called whoever on Monday to meet them on friday at certain hour at certain place and you wouldn´t call back until you met that day. Often times there wasn´t anybody or some just couldn´t make it. Hummmm, good old times. Because riding on the bus with people all around me having their heads stuck in the palm of their hands with the wassup or whatever other social media thing they do it does drive me kind of “baddy”
      But I always have a notepad and a crayon to write, old fashion. So there you go, that was a looooong and quite detail explication as to why I disappear, but it happens quite a bit by the way that I dissapear. Not the first time that someone has told me, but…. I´m back! At least for today.

      I got a question, where are you from? Just to know the time difference.
      And, how old are you? I know I shouldnt ask but you can still lie.

  1. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. That’s a beautiful piece of writing there Charly. Hope it reaches the one it is meant for.

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