Producing Literature


Producing literature it can be so magic
as well as tragic,
now a days a person can make internet traffic-
which can be quite amazing
words on paper
by the creator
makes him in cases the grand orator
for people to laugh,cry,smile,whatever
but if it´s just a bit clever
it can influence in some way
to the reader dismay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. That of what you wrote up there reminded of that one song called “I Started A Joke” and it was an intensely sad, sad song, indeed. But then, the song itself just as any songs or poems, and writings has POWERFUL message to anyone and influencing them in so many ways, even if some are just made out of fantasy.

    1. I´m your fantasy beautiful, I´m getting in the right track
      meanig Carlos is back, and that means no drinking.
      That wasn´t very good to give you confidence in me….
      But, it is the truth, I know me and after spending another 2 weeks in the hospital, yet again, I can´t and will not let
      myself and the people around me down, you can believe
      That is not a fantasy.
      But, I can get to that part of the world, by the way do you have a coat? Is freezing there, or I´ll buy you one, and I´ll lend you a smile.
      have a ja

      1. If you said that it wasn’t good to give me any confidence and yet I said the same to many people too. But people just do not believe me even if I told them sometimes I get nasty.

        And my best friend said, “Yeah, right, Sherrie … you being nasty. You kiss even an ugly frog in the middle of

      2. Oh damn! Hate touchscreen and I posted up message that is not finish yet! Bleh!

        I mean … She said that I kiss even an ugly frog in the middle of the road if I see one and said that it is an incredible ugly creature that make it so adorably cute!

        I blinked and stared at her and she responded, “Yeah, right, Sherrie. I know ya!” LOL

        Whatever … LOL

  2. Hi, Charly! Nice poem! When I typed you into the Google search today to bring up your WordPress site, I noticed you had anothervone called writer’s cafe. I’ll have to go check that out! And, Sherrie, you’re right about that song… an old BeeGees tune, which I love… There are some great YouTube videos of the BeeGees (and everything else, for that matter) out there.

    1. I´m in google? that´s a new one, by the way I do remember about that the writers caffe but I think I log-in, and maybe wrote two things and after that…..shooooooooooooooo, no more, by the way are you stalking me?
      You can meet me in person and talk.

      1. No. I just have to get to your site to read it some way, so I do a search. I went to that other site; it was kindof boring. Not yours, though. I’m more of a typist, than a talkist, anyway…

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