coffee? Or crazy me?…hell both


Coffee time
near my bedtime
fuck me, if you could see the situation
wich would be kind of weird and should put me in probation,(i´m already)
but that is not here or there for you to stare in my rear door
and here is my, o why, hell Charly, that is my good morning coffee
even better than french toffee,
what the hell?
i´m just writing this shit to put my beautiful face up
cause i look like a real “thoughtful sexy artist”
no other reason
hey ladies
you want me to see me in prison or with the Simpson?
went there
wasn´t scared
also went into the military also
and deployed in Oslo….Afghanissssishit
so this poem
cause is a poem bro yo ho,
i just started writing and here is what comes out
a trout,
by the way leave me a message, the women!!! or a dude also, what the hell
lets have variety in my naivety
i´m hot right? RIGHT?!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Say it, saaay it! “yo hot”
damn, i´m hot di di hot beeeeeeeeee! is me
spanish brad the pit
so the writing started here— 🙂 and ended there 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentessses.



      1. I knew it! 🙂
        I´ll throgh your kid to the sharks your husband to the cangaroos ( I surely spelled that wrong) and we, you and me can finally have some quality time

  1. Hahaha nice piece of classic poetry if I must say. I’m sure this one will go down in the history as a splendid piece of writing that had no competition ! 😂

      1. I only know how to do one smiley, and it goes like this: you type a colon : no space, a hyphen – no space and a right bracket ) Together you get this 🙂

  2. I like the way you typed the sad-face with the tear. Let’s try one frown. And also maybe no tear. I don’t know how to do it, either. Here goes: 😦 and 😥 and I’ll try this, too: ;,( or this: :,(

  3. Ooh – two worked, but I forget what they were. I used apostrophes; so, apparently the comma does not work. Try again: First, will be: colon and left-sided parenthese: 😦 Second, will be: colon, apostrophe, left-sided parenthese: 😥

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