Emotions: anger!!!-Social Media

Humans and their emotions,
they are so complex
a lot of times I want them to send them far away in FedEx
Emotions of;
I really found that keeping the emotions in check
will make this person not that much of a crazy wreck
but as of right now;
ANGER! Is my emotion, and who would of thought why,
becuse of my crappy computer and it´s innability to
get into the internet after I spend quite some money
on her, so conclusion, it seems I felt into the trap of
social media elsusion.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I really started using the internet on a daily basis 3 years ago. And is quite something how dependent I have become of it. And also who would have told me I would get that anxious 3 years ago if I didn´t have internet, back then I would look at you and think to myself “what a nut, no internet he says, must be the end of the world…..” and now to me it almost seems it is the end of the world. So I try to keep things a bit in perspective.
      But now I use the internet also to study (apart from the blog and other type of social media forms to get the writing out) so it literally does affect my work (since I do consider this writing thing work)

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