1. Waaaaalllly ! Sir, I got to say that I´m happy. Truly happy.
      I have been sober for month and a half, I got, look! I got the internet, wich by the way in this house I had to do magic trics to get it, for now at least. Hopefully I get a place for myself. And why am I telling you this? Have no clue, but I´m getting softy (but not all the way).
      God Bless Wally, been praying and things are getting better slowly but surely.
      Good man you are.

      1. Good deal, Charly. You know, my dad had alcohol issues and it finally beat him.

        I sure hope and pray that you beat it.

        You are a pretty good fellow yourself my friend.

    1. Never walk barefoot in top of snow? Why not? I used to live in northern Canada and often walked barefoot on snow – it’s quite a sensation. Man is so afraid of nature instead of adapting. Now the creature is becoming weaker and weaker, increasingly artificial, surrounded by buildings, air conditioning, central heating, cars and buses for transportation and the feelings for the planet are dying by the day. In the end, it’s man who will lose. Due to climate change we don’t have snow here anymore but I used to hike up Elk Mountain, just to be alone in the sun-blinding snow, strip naked and run through drifts, roll in it until my body was bright red… then find a bare spot to stand in, letting the sun dry me before putting the clothes on again. In some cases it’s better not to grow up, and that’s one of those since it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything. We were supposed to adapt to our world but instead we went the opposite direction: the wrong direction. There… that’s a load off. 🙂

      1. Did you finish this novella with……”There….that´s a load off”
        I normally come up with something witty or strange or something, but as of right now after Reading your comment,
        I´m really can´t comment back, you got me speechless.
        Do you suggest anything?

    1. I know, cause you are weird or your country is weird I should say.
      Tell me, who in the world has Cangarous? Just you people,
      plus you eat the tail of that monster, so no wonder there is no snow.

    1. I bet that if you give me some time, and it won´t be much, you will snow….. you knaaaaw 😉

      what the f….

      anyways point being I m good in bed so you will ” snow”.
      plus you´ll laugh wich is a bonus

      1. Fun? Once you go Charly you won´t commit another felony.
        Sort of goes “once you go black you won´t go back”, but with a bit of a modification.

        Looove ya, good morning by the way

      2. Morning woman!

        Hey, whats up with you women, first you laugh at me and then you fuck me, sorry but there was no other way to say, in my defense i should add is quite early here plus i´m high as a kite soooooooo, love ya

      3. Serious sex is a bit boring so we like to get the odd joke in, I know a girl who laughs hysterically when she orgasms, its hard for her to find a guy that isn’t put off by that.

      4. That is kind of weird, if I told you the nutcase I have right now with me…. fuck me, this one needs at lest 3 fucks a day, and now of course asking for money for “food”, should I give it to her or just kick her out since all this asking for money is driving me a Little baddy

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