Weekly smile!


Bad pancreas-check
Bad liver-check
Days of agony without being able of getting out of bed-check
Broken bones-check
I probably forgot something, have little time for my internet crime,
yep more, two thrombus or blood clots and one is near the heart,
what an art I could even have a heart attack, all these things leaves
me weak like a little girl without one curl.
33 years old here I am
living day to day
i pray
i say
i have internet today
i have a loving family
i have a loving pet wich is annoyingly
i have no money
but doesn´t mean i have no funny
i have…..shit, I´m alive! I´m ALIVE!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I’m sorry for all your problems, Charly. That’s not a great situation to be in. But, you’re working on your health, and that will give your body a chance to try to repair things in it, giving it, and you, a chance to become in better health. So, it’s good to be alive, and we’re happy for it!

  2. I hope there’s something you can do about your health issues. Every day above the dirt is a good day and having that loving family and loving, if a little annoying, pet (couldn’t live without my dogs 😉 ) can make it worth it.

    1. I guess I stick around pretty much for the family and might even the annoying bulldog wich is now sniffing my feet as I write this. Brings quite a smile on me to see what this Little devil is up too, not good things for sure. I think that last week she pretty much ate half a wall, She can probably swallow a hand granade, explode and she still will look at you as in saying “is that all you have!!!”

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