A look inside of me

I look inside of me
and I see,
a scared little shit
in other circumstances
I see,
just the contrary
not so much a smart visionary
but a tough mercenary,
nobody thinks will make it
but I´m still standing
just a reminding.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Do you think my poem (if you can call it that) ends or beggins well? I just write what came to mind, to tell you the truth what I publish here is out of the top of my head, probably not the correct way to say since I do know and respect the real truly gifted writers, but as for me, I just write it and hit the publish thing not thinking too much what others might think, or in your case I think you are hard on yourself when it comes to this discipline, wich I admire by the way.

  1. Thanks for sharing your message and thoughts; it’s inspirational, and I think most of us, well – at least me – often feel like that inside. I wish I had a bit more of the warrior inside, when actually, I just turn into a ball of mush and cry, instead…

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