That was

Yes, sirs and mams. I do know I shuldn´t be watching this
but it is part of some of my time in a good shrine.(I could specify)
Since it´s in spanish the translation,
“if you don´t serve this nation, and we find about it
we will take your wallet and kick you ass” pretty much
is the translation, by the way why do I feel compelled
to share this thing, have no idea, Craaaaaaaaaazy!
But I´m a hero, 00000000000HO
Almost forgot, this is the Spanish Legion.



    1. You really read this?
      And no, I´m not a pimp, just not me, but i could be your favourite client that´s for sure.
      Gotta say that for a ex hooker you write very well, did i just say that? Just being silly, maybe to silly now.
      I do enjoy Reading your writing, and by the way can´t I be a pimp? I think I would be good at that.

      1. The bit about I’ll take your wallet – or purse and kick your arse 🙂

        Thanks for the compliment I did do very well at school and uni is going well, although some days I feel like my mind is melting I did pick physics so it’s my own fault.

        I think the first thing about being a good pimp is you have to be a sociopath minimum, better a psychopath – you got too much heart for that 😀

      2. A black hole: All stars begin life burning hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, when they run out of it they start to burn the next best thing – helium, when they run out their gravity exceeds their explosive force – a sun is basicly a large hydrogen explosion held in place by gravity.

        Some stars like ours when they do run out of fuel expand outwards as they fuse anything that’ll burn – helium and so on, when that runs out – bang – they explode. When they are giants to start with the explosion turns into an implosion because the mass of the star is too large to burst out, it falls in on itself. Matter is what causes gravity, and gravity causes time so when the matter compresses in what we call a super-nova sometimes it cant stop and it doesn’t.

        What happens is something which for all intensive purposes has a gargantuan mass compresses down to a minute point in space (and time) the result is a black looking star – it’s black because it’s so dense – and therefore so heavy that it produces gravity so intense that not even light can escape and is pulled into it.

        Because the mass is near infinite density in a finite point it also ‘thickens’ time to such an extent that at the border of the black hole time almost stops. The star is now a ‘singularity’ a point so dense and so small it is more or less a hole – or maybe a sink hole is a better analogy. It draws matter, light and time into itself.

        The resulting discharge of energy as matter gets sucked in at the star’s poles sends out these impressive jets of gamma rays. To give you an idea of the density involved if you where to compress the planet Earth down to that level we can use a Schwarzschild Radius calculation to work that out which comes out to 9mm in diameter, but still with the same gravity as it does now.

        Make sense?

      3. Did you really spent time writing this physics chapter for me? Then yes it makes sense, except I don´t have much time now for the internet and have to take a bus wich travels at 60 kilometers and hour per hour and the destination is 45 minutes from where I live therefore is ot a whole hour so if you subtract the 60-90(minute) and add the volocity of…….. I just fucking woke up.
        Have a beautiful day (like you) Miss. Feynman ( I guess you know who that guy is)

      4. Hahaha That’s my version of short, and at the moment it’s the generally accepted description of a black hole, there are a lot of theories, some not much more than a guess, this one is based on applying as much as we know. Time as you noticed is not a fixed thing, we think it is because we hardly understand it, my tram time to uni is also long, but only about a half hour.
        Richard Feynman was a wonderful writer as well as physicist, I highly recommend ‘Six Easy Pieces’ which is a small book on his introductory lectures on Physics – no really it’s good, funny and a great read.
        You have a handsome day, handsome.

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